Travel Advisor Innovation Report: South African Agents Build Trips for the Untraveled

Traveling Cheapskates

Traveling Cheapskates co-founder Pearl Nkosi is shown at Table Mountain National Park in South Africa. Traveling Cheapskates

Skift Take: Whether it’s an appeal to young black South Africans or seniors who fear paying a single supplement, travel advisors who know the particular needs of their own peer groups can have a built-in advantage.

— Maria Lenhart

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Young Black South African Agents Inspire Their Peers to Travel

Traveling Cheapskates

Philile Nzimande co-founded Traveling Cheapskates in 2011 with business partner Pearl Nkosi. Traveling Cheapskates

Skift Take: Personal experience counts when it comes to encouraging young black South Africans to pack their suitcases and discover their own country, say the co-founders of Johannesburg-based Traveling Cheapskates. The co-founders build trips that they’d like to take, too, and feel like they intimately understand their customers.

— Richard Holmes

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Travel Advisor Innovation Report: Leading Life-Changing Tours for Women of Color

Rogue Experiences

Danielle Washington, owner of Rogue Experiences, remade her career and often the life-experiences of her customers. Rogue Experiences

Skift Take: The owner of Rogue Experiences is a good example of the way that travel advisors, for whom travel is often a second career, can draw on past experiences to reinvent themselves in a fulfilling way.

— Maria Lenhart

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Luxury Hotelier Jumeirah to Launch Neighborhood-Friendly Brand in 2019

Jumeirah Group

Jumeirah is launching a new brand, which will bring its total to four by the end of 2019, including Burj, a luxury soft brand collection named after one of its most iconic properties, the Burj al Arab. Jumeirah Group

Skift Take: And not only that, but it’s also jumping on the luxury soft brand collection bandwagon, too.

— Deanna Ting

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Mexico’s New President Dodges on Status of Mexico City Airport Bonds

Brett Gundlock  / Bloomberg

Workers are shown in the early phase of building the new Mexico City airport in April. The new president has said he will cancel the project. Brett Gundlock / Bloomberg

Skift Take: Politicians and voters are sometimes not rational. Mexico City badly needs a new airport, and construction had already begun. It makes no sense to cancel the project. None.

— Brian Sumers

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